Migrating from On-premise

Migrating from the on-premise centre is daunting and not usually straight forward.

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Cloud migration

The complexity of cloud migration unravelled.

We help in the process of moving applications and data from one location, often a company's private, on-site ("on-premises") servers to a public cloud provider's servers, but also between different clouds.

Types of migration

  • Data-center migration: Our end-to-end relocation services incorporate everything you need to ensure your migration runs efficiently and securely, from meticulous Design and planning, to industry-leading project management, to state-of-the-art asset tracking.

  • Hybrid cloud migration: When all your estate cannot be moved to the cloud, we organise a hybrid solution that moves cloud enabled solutions online and continues to integrate with the on-premises applications.

  • Cloud to cloud migration: organisations that already have a cloud solution and wishes to leverage other cloud offerings .

  • Application, database, and mainframe migration: General approach to cloud migration to benefit from increased workloads and lower costs, faster and more reliable performance, access to cloud-based tools, and the ability to increase or decrease capacity without the need to procure new equipment.

cloud Architecture

VMware architecture

VMware architecture to help you with virtualisation requirements.